Job description

You don´t need to have experience from picking green peas

or from any other kind of picking. But you have to have some basic skills and the right attitude to develop yourself to a higher level in the team.

You need:

  • English speaking and understanding.
  • Mental drive for piece work.
  • Discipline for constantly improvement of your work.
  • Skills for efficient and independent movement of your hands.
  • Positive attitude and consideration to other people.
  • Responsible behavoir.
  • You must expect some time to learn.
  • People who have been trained to become professional pea pickers are coming back year after year to enjoy the work and the social life in the Danish International Pea Picking Team.

We work

from 5 o’clock in the morning until about noon. The peas are only picked when they are still juicy. Some days we work in the evening too - normally between 5 and 9 o´clock, depending on the weather and the amount needed to be picked.

The work is done in all kind of weather, so it is important to bring warm clothes and boots and clothing for rainy weather.

The picking is normaly taking place 6 days in a week - with a weekly day off.

We need a staff of reliable pickers in order to fullfill the daily pea delivery. Everybody have to show up for work at the same time - when we are picking - no matter the weather. And everybody must help each other finishing the work at the same time - so nobody will be left behind at the end of the day.

If you repeatedly don´t show up for work or you work irregularly in the picking team we will have to dismiss you.

On special occasions you can have an additional day off. You then have to inform us about it in good time so we can make the planning.

Valid absence caused by illness or the like must be reported before or short after beginning of the work - either by phone call to the responsible field manager or by asking a friend to pass the message.


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