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How to pick green peas

The pea picking is done in lines

and the pickers work at their own speed. The picking of the pods must be done very gently, one by one, to avoid marks and wounds on the surface. Destroying of the plants must also be avoided. Sometimes the peas are picked again a few days later. Only useful peas are to be picked.

The green peas are collected in buckets

and must be without leaves, stems or bad peas. Immediately after picking the peas are carried to the packing trailer. At the trailer the peas are turned gently into boxes and scaled to ensure the right amount.

A label

with your bar code number is put on each box and the boxes are then put on a conveyor which takes them into the packing trailer. Your picking will be registered by scanning of your personal bar code given to you at your arrival. It is very important that you put your barcode label and the boxes in the right position to ensure the registration. You will be fully instructed about the procedures.

If you haven’t picked peas before

you must expect some training at the beginning to ensure quickness and quality of the work - do not worry we will show you.

Efficient working

It is important that you have the necessary skills for efficient movements of your hands and possess a mental personal drive to keep picking for hours. It is in your own interest to know – e. g. from other kinds of work – if you are suited for piecework (efficient working) before you come or maybe even before applying for the job. Because if it shows up - after a week or two - that you are not serious working or not fit for piece work - we unfortunately have to dismiss you. 


To do piece work you need practice, discipline and systematic in your work. It is not necessarily hard work but rather a question of developing your abilities to minimize unnecessary movements. Some people are aware of that and learn to earn good ammounts. Other people don’t understand it, and will never learn. Because of that there are also big differences between the earning of the pickers.



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