Apply for a job

If you want to work in the Danish International Pea Picking Team you have to do one of following things:

- Fill in / create an Europass CV (with a picture on – if you can) and send it attached by e-mail to

- Write an e-mail to telling as much as possible about yourselves:

  • Name, address and nationality
  • Birthday and gender
  • Contact way: e-mail, phone
  • Working experiences and references
  • Working skills and education
  • Personal skills or personality
  • Your hobbies or what you like to do when you are not working
  • Periods you are able to work


The applications will be selected into different groups. We save all the applications in case we need someone to come during the season.

We recieve a lot of applications from all over Europe and it is unfortunately not possible to answer all of them. Only if you will be employed or if further information is required, you will know.

You will also be called if we need to have a preliminary interview with you.
You have to send an application seperatly for each season.

Each person has to apply for him/her-selves - because only individuals are imployed, based on their own professional and personal skills. Knowing someone is not a recommendation in itselves.

If you have been working here before, and you want to recomment someone to come, then you have to be sure that the person is abel to contribute in a positive way to the development of the team.



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