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Sign made of peas


The Danish International Pea Picking Team

Is a group of young people coming from all over Euorope - living and working together in the most powerfull team of pea pickers.

The peas are picked by hand and used as snack - to be eaten fresh directly from the pods without cooking.

The Danish International Pea Picking Team is operating in following places and periods:

Portugal: 1. March - 1. June
Denmark: 1. June - 1. September

The work is piece work and you have to know if you are efficient working - fx. by experince from other things, you are doing in your daily life.

We are constantly trying to develop the best pea picking team in Europe. The working requirements are high - serious and responsible persons with a strong mental drive are always welcome to join the team.

We are living and working together in a day. And it is important that we all have a good time together.

Working is the main purpose - but the social life among people is a very important factor. Friendships are made across the nations and the experiences from the stay will follow you for the rest of your life as nice memories to look back upon.

We have strong values in the team about responsability, considaration and mutual respect among individuals - no matter working position, sex, nationality and cultural backgrounds.

Working and living in the Danish International Pea Picking Team will give you a fundamental basis for your personal and professional development. And the awareness will give you the strength to controle your own life further on.

In GreenPeas you are not working in a traditional way - In GreenPeas you are working with yourselves.

Hope we will meet and you will enjoy the stay and contribute in a positive way to the team.


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Recruitment assistants

Recruitment assistants




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