What to bring


If you don’t have a Danish CPR number you must bring

- Copy of passport or ID-card

If you are married and don’t have a Danish personal number (CPR-number) you must bring

- a copy and a translation into English of your marriage certificate.

If you have had another job in Denmark in the same year, you must bring

- a copy of your payment and specification slip from your previous job.

If you have been working here before you have to bring documentation for any other jobs you have had since last season. You have to prove that you have been working 40 days continuously in another place since last season to be able to apply for the tax deduction.

All of the above documents are for the use of the Danish tax authorities.
The Danish tax authorities can at any time request documentation from you.

If the authorities in your home town do not know this type of document you can use one of these documents:

* English
* Deutsch
* Française
* Espaniol
* Italiano
- Marital status / marriage certificate.
- Copy of passport / ID card.
- Copy of employment contracts and payment slips for previous work.
- Expenses for travel (tickets and other kind of receipts)
- Expenses for living in Denmark (receipts and alike).

The tax authorities take samples and request documentation from some of you. You may at any time of year receive a letter from SKAT asking for one or more of the above listed types of documentation.

For your own sake it is also a very good idea to bring a European Health Insurance card (blue card). It helps you if you should need a doctor or dentist or other medical assistance.

The card is available free of charge through your local health authority.
Read more at http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=559
At the top right corner you can choose language.

It is also recommendable to open a bank account in your home country, on which the money you earn can be wired. You have to bring your IBAN-number and the SWIFT-code of your bank to be able to make the transfer.

Personal things

Pots and cutlery for cooking and eating.
Clothing for all kind of weather including raincoat, boots and warm cloth.

Money to buy food until you can have your first payment in advance.

Internet connection

All over the campsite a high speed internet connection is available.
Inside the kitchen and common areas, a transfer rate of 60Mbit is delivered through a fiber connection.
Several WiFi hotspots make the signal available in caravans, still at very high data rates.

Bring your own Ipad, laptop/ notebook and you can watch your favorite Netflix, HBO or other Streeming provider, as if you were at home.


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