The salary is calculated from the quality and the amount of the picked peas.

Depending on your ability to motivate yourself and to increase your work efficiency, monthly salary can range from 1300 Euro to 2500 Euro, depending on the season.  

The price for normal peas is ranging from 4.00 – 8,00 DKK per kilo, depending on the pea sort and other picking conditions. Early and smaller sorts of peas are paid 7,50 – 8,00 DKK per kilo while the payment of bigger sorts are 4.00 – 5,00 DKK per kilo. The lowest prices are normally given for first time picking in full developed peas.

In the very beginning of the season higher prices can be given until the peas are fully developed for normal picking. Also if there are extremely many peas to pick, the price can be lower, to be able to follow the market and keep the picking going.

Sugar peas are normally paid about 10,00 DKK per kilo depending on the variety and picking conditions.

Daily spot test from the peas are randomly taken to ensure a high and homogeneous picking quality. Only peas with a satisfactory quality according to the test results will be fully paid. If more than 10% of the peas are bad the entire picking will be rejected and you will not receive payment for this particular picking.

Each day you will be informed about the previous days picking to know how much peas you picked and to know the result of the quality test to be able to correct if necessary. You will also be informed about your picking score compared with the average level to use as a guideline to improve yourselves.

Final payment take place at your departure. The settling includes the payment for the weekdays but exclude holiday allowance. On top of the salary you will be paid 12.5 % in holiday money.

The salary will be taxed according to the Danish condition for seasonal work.
The holiday money will be saved up to be paid on your bank account in May the following year.

It is required that you are able to earn the Danish minimum wages after you have been trained. If not - then you unfortunately have to stop.

Payment in advance

If you need money during the stay it is possible to have payment in advance. Payment in advance takes place once a week and can be given as soon as you have earned something.

The minimum payment in advance is 500 DKK at the time to avoid many small payments. You can have no more than 50% of the salary paid in advance. The rest of the money will be paid at the departure minus tax, camping fee and other service expenses.


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