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Camping - Only for employees

Practical information

At the farm there is arranged for the employees, a camping site with caravans, with access to common kitchen-facilities (gas-stoves, ovens and refrigerators), washing machines, showers and toilets.

Your own caravan is not allowed!

There is also access to a dining room with furniture and television. You must bring pots and pans and other kitchen stuff needed for cooking and eating. But we also have a basic collection for common use, left from previous seasons, or you can buy something cheap in fx. 2. hand shops.

Camping fee

The payment for the camping will be paid by deduction from your final payment at your departure.

  • An indoor place in a 2-bunkbeded sleeping room, you pay 55 DKK per day, per person. 
    ( 2 persons sharing a room, kitchen access only in common area )
  • An indoor place in a 4-bunkbeded sleeping room with kitchen, you pay 70 DKK per day, per person. 
    ( 2 persons sharing a room, with access to kitchen shared by 4 persons )

You have to make reservation for this optional accommodation before the season starts - or you have to be signed up after arrival in case of vacancy.


You will not be able to bring your own tent for the stay - only in special exceptions which has to be agreed in advance.

Additional terms

Children and other persons who are not employed are not allowed to live in the camping.

Employees who are not showing up for work, are charged 100DKK/ day, for occupying the place.

Pets are not allowed in the camping.

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Social integration

During your stay you will get a close relation to many of your colleagues.
Young people from many nations are working and living together. And it is very important that you show consideration and tolerance to people with different backgrounds and contribute to solve any problems that might appear. Lack of respect for individuals or any kind of behavior that might influent in a negative way on the social life in the camping will cause dismissal.

Persons belonging to a dominating nation or people coming together in groups, have a special obligation to socialize themselves among other people. Also towards the neighbors and in the local community it is important to show consideration. Bad behavior by one person can easily give our neighbors a wrong impression of the whole group of people in the camping.

Crime of any kind or annoying behavior towards your colleagues or the inhabitants of the neighborhood will cause immediate dismissal. Also dealing and possessing drugs or any other kind of illegal narcotics will cause immediate dismissal.

People who are passive accepting these things to happen, can also no longer be a part of the team.
Everybody takes part in the common responsibilities by sharing the practical functions at the campsite.

Small teams are made for cleaning, maintenance etc. to keep the campsite going. Everybody have to do the basic personal cleaning after themselves. In the kitchen, showers and toilet. At the camping site and in the dining room.

Everybody have to respect personal belongings and take care of the objects and common facilities in the camping.

Theft and vandalism vill cause immediate dismissal.

The camping is managed in a democratic way, by representants in a governing group, arranging different kind of activities and solving general problems that might appear.

Also influence on you own situation, on the work and the camping will be possible to make through the representation in the governing group. Even influencing of the strategy of the farm will be possible.

transparency, commitment and responsibility are the constructive main drivers for the development of the team.


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